5 Reasons Automobile Extended Warranties Are a Good Investment

When purchasing a vehicle, automobile extended warranties can offer many benefits that are well worth the investment.

Commonly referred to as "automobile extended warranty", when sold by a third-party, the product is considered a vehicle service contract or mechanical breakdown insurance depending upon the state in which you reside. For simplicity, we will continue to use the terms "extended car warranties", "mercury extended warranties", etc., for the remainder of this article.

Extended automobile warranties provide coverage that will not only pay the cost of repairs, but also help to deal with any inconveniences you may face in the event of a breakdown by offering such things as roadside assistance, towing, or rentals.

Basically, extended warranties are like insurance for your car. But, like any other form of insurance, it is important to do the research and find the best deal for your situation, taking into consideration the age and reliability of your vehicle, as well as your lifestyle, your finances, and how long you plan to keep the car before purchasing a new one. Remember to take the time to ask important questions such as deductible amounts, reliability ratings, and claim procedures so you know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect if you need to use the coverage.

Some extended warranty plans have received a lot of criticism, but by doing your homework, you can avoid bad experiences and ensure that you are receiving the best coverage for your money. Good extended warranties offer many advantages that make them a wise choice for car owners.

1. Extended and Supplemental Coverage.

Manufacturers' original warranties are limited, and the length of this coverage can vary for different parts or systems within the vehicle. An extended warranty not only goes beyond the age and mileage outlined in the original warranty, it may also cover things not included during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. For example, a manufacturer may only agree to cover repairs on an air conditioning system for one year, whereas your extended warranty may allow you to have these problems fixed without any cost to you for as long as the coverage is in place.

2. No Unexpected Expenses or Repair Bills.

Automobile extended warranties can reduce your stress level by eliminating surprise repair costs and out of pocket expenses. Repair costs are rising, especially with the increasing complexity of electrical and computer systems and the growing number of options being included in vehicles. With a good warranty, you can keep your car running perfectly without having to worry about receiving a large repair bill at a very inconvenient time. And, if you purchase an extended warranty at today's prices, you will also be protecting yourself from higher expenses in the future due to the increasing costs of parts and labor.

3. Peace of Mind.

Some people do not mind taking a chance on being "self-insured" and paying for repairs as they come. But, if you are not a risk taker and like the peace of mind of knowing that you can have your car fixed when it is needed without having to worry about saving up the money or juggling finances, then an extended warranty is a great option. And since most warranties offer other benefits such as roadside assistance, rental cars, or towing, you will still be able to get to work, make your appointments, and meet all your obligations without any inconveniences.

4. Flexibility.

Many manufacturer warranties require that you have repairs completed at a dealership. However, with 3rd party extended warranty coverage you will have the flexibility of taking your car to any certified facility, making it more convenient for you and ensuring that you are still protected even if the dealer goes out of business.

5. Increase Resale Value.

Many automobile extended warranties are transferable, making them a great selling point to a potential buyer. Also, it is likely that a car with an extended warranty has been taken care of and repaired properly, making it attractive to people looking to purchase a used vehicle.

If you shop around and find the right coverage for you, automobile extended warranties can be a great investment and will buy you the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected from the inconvenience and unexpected expenses often associated with vehicle breakdowns.

Hospitals in Barcelona: A Brief Discussion

If you are planning a short trip with your family or even thinking of a backpacking trip with some friends, the best European trip you could possibly take would be to Barcelona. Located in the lovely country of Spain, this city is foremost as a commercial and industrial center. Known for its rich history and unique heritage, Barcelona has attracted tourists for decades. Visitors fill its bustling streets to experience the city's splendid architecture, numerous art galleries, and fine restaurants with their renowned lip-smacking cuisine.

The healthcare system in Barcelona is very well developed and is counted among the best in the world. The city hospitals have an outstanding medical reputation, chiefly because of the high standards of service and its unheard-of-reasonable fees. Their doctors and nurses are well trained and highly devoted to their profession. In most medical facilities, translators are available to assist patients.

An option to travelers would be to contact the appropriate embassy and obtain a complete list of English-speaking doctors. Before taking a trip to Barcelona, make sure that your insurance company will cover possible medical expenses incurred during your stay. By presenting a European Health Card, free services are provided to Europeans. Hospitals maintain strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The labs are well equipped and the testing centers give accurate results at amazing speed. Available in most medical centers are 24-hour pharmacy and ambulance services.

A list of leading medical facilities utilized by visitors and locals alike include Centre Forum Hospital Del Mar, Vall d'Hebron Hospital General, Hospital de L'esperanca, Hospital de Sant Joan de Deu, Hospital ClĂ­nic de Barcelona,Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge and the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona. With a strong healthcare infrastructure in Barcelona, tourist can rest assured that these hospitals will provide outstanding medical services.

Dentist - Pediatric Dentistry Vs. Family Dentistry

It is recommended that a child begin visiting a dentist as soon as the first tooth emerges, so it will be very early on in your child's life when you will be faced with the decision of whether to use a pediatric dentist or a family one. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both will help you make the best decision for you and your child.

Many insurance companies do not offer coverage for babies, but even if your child is not covered for preventative check-ups, consider searching for a good pediatric dentist that will accept your little patient immediately for cash payment and convert to insurance payments when the policy is valid. The sooner you begin taking a child to regular check-ups, the better. Getting used to the environment, the exam chair, and the doctor is half the battle. You may even be able to find a location that will let you have a field trip to the office without cost. If your kid does not have any pressing issues or risks, this may suffice as a first step to take before an actual appointment.

Choosing a pediatric specialist in this field has its advantages. The offices and exam rooms are extraordinarily kid friendly with videos to watch, toys to distract, and kid oriented staff. It is highly suggested if your child is prone or has risks for dental complications at a young age that you stick with this doctor. He is trained not only to deal with youngsters, but he is trained specifically for the little mouth and all affiliated issues. The only downside to sticking with a pediatric specialist is that they often only take very young patients and/or insurance will only pay for visits until around the age of eight, after which you will have to go through the entire orientation process again with a family specialist.

If you and your spouse have a family dentist that is willing to take on young children, you may want to start out in this environment to save the headache of relaying dental history and processing records. Starting with a doctor who will treat your child throughout his or her growth has its distinct advantages, and a steady knowledge of patient history is one of them. Another factor that makes family dentistry a good choice is the ease of having everyone in the family treated by the same doctor or at least in the same office. It is easier to make appointments, and it is simpler to gather records for tax or transfer purposes.

When making the choice, it ultimately comes down to insurance stipulations, and you and your child's comfort levels. Feeling scared or uncomfortable in the exam chair or being scared of the doctor can ruin a child's dedication to oral hygiene for life. You want to provide a smooth experience so that the little patient is more prone to continue good habits and regular appointments when she is older and has to make health decisions on her own.

How They Vandalized My Bicycle

My bicycle got vandalized many times. I stopped counting. One day I had the idea to stop walking to the railway station, but ride to the station by bicycle, lock it and leave it there, and take the train afterward. This would save time and I could sleep a bit longer in the morning.

The only drawback to this idea was that I had to leave my bike at the station for over nine hours until I returned from work. I was worried if it might get stolen during this time. To test this idea I went to the basement and picked the worst bike I had. It was over thirty years old and rusted. I rode to the station and locked it on the stationary bicycle stand. After that I took the train and went to work as usual.

When I came back nine hours later the bike was still there, but some idiot had cut off the front tyre with a knife. This made me angry, but there was nothing I could do. I left the bike there and walked home.

I was glad I got rid of the bike as it was too old and rusty anyway, but I was amazed about the mathematical side of this. The probability that your bike gets vandalized or stolen at this station was frightening high. To make things worse this was just a very small and peaceful railway station with two tracks where trains pass through, nothing more.

Imagine, I never left a bike at this station before, but on the very day I did, it got vandalized the same day. And this happened with a very old and ugly bike. If you would leave a new bike there it probably would get stolen right away. The probability that this happens was extremely high.

I still bought a new bike, but insured it and used it at another station nearby that was bigger. I locked my bike to a hidden bicycle stands in front of a library and went to work everyday. After some months the lock was broken and the bike was stolen. I went to the police, got a statement for my insurance and I got my money back completely.

Then I bought a new one but never left it at a station anymore. One day I went to the local chess club and left the bicycle in the floor within the building. When I came back it was stolen. Hard to believe, but true. I went to the German police again, got the statement and got the money back from the insurance again.

But this could not go on forever. The police would probably suspect me soon for stealing my own bikes to get the money from the insurance. So I stopped buying new bikes all together. From then on I used old bikes only. They never get stolen, just damaged.

Why NRI Deposits Is a Great Idea

NRI deposits (Schemes) are ones in which you are entitled to open a bank account to carry out your internal transactions (investments) in the origin country. This is another way in which NRIs are connected with their family in India. NRIs sustain few key benefits from Deposit plans.

These are some other ways through which you can connect yourself with your relatives. Banking is quite simple these days, for NRIs banks are pleased to offer home based services. Begin with a Non Resident External Account in order to keep your earnings deposited in that. Then, assign a nominee: parents, wife or kids who can withdraw the money on your behalf anytime and from anywhere. Secondly, start your investments through Insurance policies. This will protect your loved ones with a shielded protected future investment plan. You can make use of this NRI insurance policy to cover up the cashless hospitalization billings.

These investment plans offer a comprehensive financial backup & protection for your family in your absence. Through these two things Saving Bank Account and Insurance, you would have offered your family economic stability. So next time, they needn't wait till you transfer the amount. This financial stability will help your family during the tougher periods and aid to combat them with your investment plans. You can stay relaxed that you have chosen the protecting plan to safeguard them.

Benefits of Depositional Plans:

• Protection for future uncertainties
• Deposits offer Investment cum insurance plans
• Reliable repayment schemes & offers
• Advantage of low Interest rates & Freedom of investment in market
• Good Earnings for dream projects like Home, Family Purposes

There are so many NRI investment plans available in the market, through which you can pick out the profits back to home. Under RBI norms, you're allowed as NRI to invest in Indian shares & debentures. An FCNR account or an NRE account allows you to build up your income in the form of lease; interest or profits earned via mutual fund, FD interests etc.

For regular NRI bank account, you must hold a valid passport; you must be of 21 years of age or above. By keeping deposits in Indian bank, you're also allowed to take loans for building a house or for buying a plot or house in the country. Interest rates for NRI loans do not vary much from that of the Indians living in this country.

These loans will be sanctioned only for a shorter period and you can get as much as 85% of the cost of house as loan amount. The loan amount depends upon the borrower's repayment capacity. If you are planning to purchase a house or want to do renovations, you use NRI Home loans to your advantage. Most of the banks require you to have an asset in India, a valid Indian passport, monthly income proof and age related docs.

Under this, whenever you want money for personal or family purposes, you can easily access your NRI deposits & also think about the investment in your dream house project.

Medicare Supplement Leads - Don't Overlook "Freshness"

There are many components that make for good Medicare supplement leads. Among the most valuable and frequently overlooked would be the relative "freshness" of the leads. That is to say, you will want to call medicare supplement leads that have not been perpetually called by insurance agents. When an insurance company or individual agent is working with a list of fresh medicare supplement leads, the potential to sell a policy is more likely.

The reasons for this should be quite apparent.

Any potential customer that has been called repeatedly may have already made his or her mind up regarding whether or not to purchase a policy. In some instances, the individual may already be quite tuned out to hearing any type of pitch from an agent. The client may be taking the attitude that he/she has "heard it all" and do not want to purchase. Such customers are, well, not really customers since they will probably hang up without a second thought.

Then, there is the "customer" on the other end of the spectrum. Such an individual will be the person that has no intention of buying but will stay on the line simply to waste time. These individuals drain valuable time, energy, and resources from agents that could otherwise be putting their work to better use.

Again, you will want to work with fresh supplement leads. When the leads are fresh and not overused, the odds of making a sale will increase. The individual that you would be contacting has not become jaded to the process. This enhances the sales and closing potential on the medicare supplement leads immensely.

Now, there is some confusion regarding how often you should call those on a fresh list of quality medicare supplement leads. Certainly, you cannot call one name once and if there is no policy purchased to never call the individual again. Such a process is ridiculous because it would require purchasing hundreds of thousands of medicare supplement leads in order to stay in business! Actually, no agency would be able to stay in business if it needed to purchase that many medicare supplement leads! In all seriousness, there is a wiser approach to take when it comes to the acquisition of medicare supplement leads. Basically, you need to follow two common sense maxims. They are:

  • Just because someone has not purchased a policy in the past does not mean the person will not purchase one in the future.
  • Some medicare leads are just never going to purchase and you need to make a judgment call to move on.

Why would someone that was previously contacted on a list of medicare leads to no avail change his/her attitude? There are a few reasons in play here. First, circumstances may change which means someone that otherwise would not have purchased a policy may change his mind.

Then, there is also the fact that different agents may have different results with the same lead. Cycling the medicare supplement leads around to various agents can lead to different results with the same individual on the lead list. That is just a fact of life when it comes to selling any type of insurance policy.

In terms of making a decision to cease calling people on a lead list, this is a judgment call that needs to be made by the agency. There are times when it is best to move on and retire certain names on a list of medicare supplement leads. This would be a much better plan to take since it will maximize efficiency.

Plastic Surgery - Payment Plans

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the sad truth is that plastic surgery is something not covered by health insurance. For those determined to push through with the idea, there are ways to go about financing the plastic surgery without the aid of petty crime or black jack tables. In this article, we will outline a few tips to help you pay for your procedure.

Step 1 - Even though the probability is low, the first stop should always be your health insurance agent. Certain procedures such as breast reduction and physical deformity repair may actually be covered under your current plan. You'll never know unless you ask.

Step 2 - Discuss your options with the surgeon performing the procedure regarding the possibility of making the procedure coverable by your insurance. Sometimes it just takes some proper wording for the insurance company to understand the benefits that the procedure would provide.

Step 3 - Utilize that low interest credit card that's been gathering dust in your closet. Find out information pertaining to your limits and have at it. Not only will this help you get the procedure out of the way, but it can also work with you to build up your credit score.

Step 4 - A penny saved is a penny earned toward your procedure. Sit yourself down and re-evaluate your current budget. Chances are that there are quite a few unnecessary bills in your monthly expense log. If you smoke, now's the time to quit. Start eating at home and renting movies instead of going out. If you're truly invested into the idea of your upcoming procedure, this should cause little harm. Once you have the full amount set aside, you can deposit it, worry free, with no interest and no stress. Additionally, you'll probably be able to cut out a few bad habits throughout the process.

Step 5 - Head down your local bank or credit union and apply for a personal loan. If you own a vehicle, you can even take out a loan against it, and pay it off over time. To boot, most personal loans come with a much lower interest rate than your typical credit card, allowing you to still build up your credit without compromising a larger portion of your cash.

Step 6 - You can even combine ideas 5 & 6, saving half of the money and paying for the rest with a loan or credit card. It'll be like a little reward for being such a good little saver!

Step 7 - Find out about any available plastic surgery financing through your physician's practice. Most surgeon's offer financing with fairly decent interest rates. Find out what you might qualify for if approved.

Step 8 - Talk to your family and ask them to send you cash or birthdays and holidays in order to provide you with extra savings to put towards your procedure. Those holiday checks add up fast, and you'll have a nice stock pile before you know it.

Hopefully, this article has shed light on a few ideas you hadn't thought of prior. Remember that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Taking the time to earn the things you want only equates to a more rewarding experience.