Claiming For Loss Of Business

Commercial Loss of business

Theft, Burglary and Floods are not always straightforward. A business owner may be faced with loss of computer records, loss of stock and consequential losses.

Business interruption is inevitable, but what happens to the family and staff? Will the business have a future?

These events can cause closure for long periods. As a hardworking business owner you will ponder, how will you pay rent, pay your staff?

How you will live, start again quickly who will pay the high costs involved. You will need the expert guidance of a loss assessor to guide you through these areas

Flood Damage

Water damage to a home or business is not a pleasant experience. What may appear a minor incident can often turn into a disaster.

The first few days are often critical in making a successful claim. You want to be contacted within 24 hours of the incident to ensure the initial findings of the insurance company representative, fully covers all aspects of your claim.

You want a company that will ensure correct chemical sanitisation is carried out anti- fungal treatments are used prior to installation of humidifiers. This ensures dry rot wet rot is not given a chance to take hold.


Subsidence at your home can be catastrophic. A home is generally considered to be the most valuable asset people possess. Before an insurance company accepts you have a valid claim, investigations such as trial holes soil test drainage tests and monitoring will be carried out.

These can take a considerable period of time meanwhile you will endure the trauma of seeing your home falling apart. A loss Assessor will prepare your claim ensuring your interests are covered not just those of the insurance company.

You may wish to sell your house in the future. If the remedial works have not been carried out to the correct specifications it will be spotted by the purchaser's surveyor which may make selling difficult. Appoint a loss assessor to avoid this possibility


Fire is a traumatic disaster whether large or small which sometimes requires alternative accommodation, storage of property and protection against further damage or theft.

Damage can affect all areas, acrid and corrosive effects of smoke may linger and present health hazards as well as damaging contents and d├ęcor. Fire damage will cause unseen damage to electronic equipment which may be corrosive. It may not be visible when making an inventory but become obvious many months later when equipment fails and the claim has been settled.

Your assessor will ensure all electronic equipment is fully tested and cleaned inside despite no sign of external damage.

It is vital you call an assessor immediately after the fire and not wait until the insurance company adjuster visits. Remember stress levels should be minimal especially where children are part of the household. We can lift the burden from you contact us.

Personal Injury

Personal injury wherever and however caused is traumatic and should you seek our assistance we will immediately pass you onto our retained solicitors.

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