Top 5 Best Sales Careers

The best sales careers are based around markets and products that are long term and not just based on a short term customer trend.

Some markets and products such as clothing lines under a certain name or style may come and go in a year or two. Though the revenue may be high in the short term, the long term career prospects are fragile at best. People often look at tough economic times with regard to disposable income spending and forget about essential income spending.

Here we look at 5 market areas that are always in demand.

1) Houses and other residences.

Granted, during a recession the housing market goes through extremely stormy waters, but people always need a place to live. A career in housing and residences is always going to have a base demand even if there is not a boom in the market. When people think of housing they usually think of mortgages and first time buyers or private residences. Often people forget the market for investors and apartment leasing. As stated, people ALWAYS need a place to live and it does not always involve the traditional real estate mortgage market. Commission on investor sales or renter leases is usually a lucrative career with the correct employer.

2) Cars and transport.

People are always going to need transportation. Be it a new or used car. A large transportation unit to enable them to move large items or a simple lease for a vacation ride. People will always need transport. A company that pays commission for such services could be a good career for a sales person.

3) Household goods.

Fridges break down. T.V. sets wear out. Couches and beds become uncomfortable. What ever the case. People demand the basics in life. Furniture and standard household goods do not last forever, they need replacing and just about everyone owns items in their house that need replacing as you read this article. No amount of economic hardship will cause a family to do without a fridge or cooker in most cases. Again, a company that pays commission on such items can be lucrative for the right sales person.

4) Jewelry.

Yes, Jewelry.

The first thing you will think of is luxury items such as diamond necklaces or expensive watches. But what about engagement rings, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, valentines gifts, etc? No matter what the economy is like people are still going to get engaged and married. Few people will risk the wrath of a disgruntled spouse by not buying a gift for an anniversary or birthday. Although the industry can be hit hard by economic fluctuations as far as high ticket purchases based on impulse. The standard occasions keep it afloat and commissions are usually generous due to the price of such items.

5) Insurance.

All of the above usually need a form of insurance. So do health, life, and all manner of other things in life. Insurance is a necessity not a luxury. People will buy insurance rather than take the risk of increased financial hardship at a later date. Again, a commission producing career.

Those are my top 5 suggestions for best sales careers.

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