The Big Divorce Problem - Agreeing On a Settlement

When you're going through divorce, sometimes the first thing on your mind is simply being done, getting it over with and moving on. You may have went through some pain and suffering. Now you want to move on. On the other hand, you may justly have some concerns about your divorce settlement, namely things like health insurance, your child's college tuition, your home, any vehicles, bank accounts and much more. This guide goes over these issues.

Who Wins?
The best strategy for divorce is to agree to points amiably, with lawyers on hand. While a divorce mediation may not work, you need not make this a long battle. If you want to save on legal fees, you should focus on protecting your future, be fair, and if children are involved, be open to negotiation. In a messy divorce, stick with your legal counsel. In an easier divorce, you can save time and money with a mediation. If you still need to go to court to iron out some issues, make no decisions without your lawyer.

While many of us marry young - and divorce young - let's face reality: we all get old. You have to properly plan for how you will be taken care of as you get older, and this means money. While Social Security will hopefully still be around, you may not be able to live on just the monthly payments. Therefore, any savings or income you have should be protected. If you have no money - and you took care of the children - you may have to fight for proper protection. While less important for divorcees who marry young and have no children, this is a common problem not considered enough.

Children and College
One problem that is first on people's minds is that of children: how they will be supported, and how best to plan for their future. To put it simply, college is darn expensive. Your children will have options - perhaps save up some of their own money, work some odd jobs, get scholarships and tuition assistance - but there will always be added expenses. Some divorcees choose to ignore this problem. You should address it immediately. How will out of pocket expenses for college be paid?

Health Insurance
Health insurance is a constant problem for those who become unemployed, do not work, or have a job with no benefits. But it's not just you; your children need proper coverage too. The parent who gets custody should have health insurance, and this parent should not be alone in medical expenses. Address this in your divorce.

Living Expenses
If you have children, living expenses are a bitter reality. Shoes, clothes, school clothes, textbooks, school supplies, birthday gifts, transportation - the list could go on and on. This should also be addressed in the divorce. The parent who gets custody should be properly compensated for basic expenses. This should be a key point of emphasis for your lawyer.

There are many other issues to consider. Who gets the home? What if one parent stayed with the children? What if one person sacrificed for the other, helping them get through school? These issues are all unique and must be addressed. The variety of situations and legal problems calls for an experienced divorce lawyer to help you.

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