Big Rain in San Diego Causes Flood Damage

The recent storm hitting San Diego and Southern California is creating large amounts of flood damage. Already hit by a severe recession and reeling with low home prices, the area's residents are now being blasted by the weather. Vacant real estate, brought on by massive foreclosures and high unemployment, is letting in water and creating food for mold.

The storm dumped up to 8 inches of rain in areas like, Anza, Ca. Areas with barren hillsides due to fire are under mudslide alert. The Governor declared a state of emergency for 6 counties in the region. It is unclear what the money is going to be earmarked for during the emergency.

Flood restoration companies are gearing up to do battle with the damage and the insurance companies. Many are too busy to get to all the damaged property before the water creates more destruction. It is advised to get the leaks plugged and begin drying as soon as possible. If carpet or sheet -rock are wet for extended periods of time mold may become a problem.

If you are the unfortunate recipient of this water damage, take a few precautions.

1. If it is safe, stop as much water from coming in as you can.

2. Call a competent flood restoration company to start cleanup.

3. Make the call to the insurance company.

If you are doing the restoration yourself, begin by plugging the leaks. Then remove all wet materials from the house. Begin drying, vacuuming and running de-humidifiers. Identify wet sheet rock and remove areas that have become soaked. Dry wooden studs and treat for mold. Once project is dry you can start putting your property together again. Fortunately, most homeowner's policies will cover this type of damage. The insurance company will indeed note that you have had a water claim. Be careful of submitting too many claims. The next time you go to insure a home they may not cover you.

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