Which Dental Plan Is Right for You?

Now that our new President has promised us that Health Care is coming our way, many questions arise as to whether the government option will include any type of dental care if the Health Program doesn't get revoked by the new 2011 Congress - will Obama Care include dental care? If so, how much will it cost? Can I select my own dentist?

The questions are ones that no one can answer at the moment. I have heard that major insurance companies are severely reducing their coverage amount on existing dental insurance policies - and even canceling policies starting Jan. 2011. The sensible option might be to select a discount dental plan in lieu of traditional dental insurance. There are MANY different companies in this country that offer a discount dental plan, and as a consumer it's going to be your responsibility to select the program that's st for you and your family.

The advantages of a discount dental plan is that there is no waiting period (customers can sign up online and literally print out a temporary ID card and go to the dentist the very next day), there are no exclusions (except for orthodontic work in progress) and no maximum annual benefits - which means that you can go to the dentist for more than one root canal or one crown! The average annual benefits that insurance companies offer range between $1,000 a year and $1,800 a year and we all know that one major dental procedure such as a crown or a root canal can burn THAT amount up in one visit.

When you start your online research for a discount plan there are a few factors that you should consider:

  1. Does the plan have a provider that's close to me?
  2. How much does the dental plan cost? Some companies that offer several choices to consumers actually "up charge" the costs to pocket some extra cash, so be sure and research more than one web site!
  3. Can you cancel the dental plan when you want?
  4. What does the dental plan provide?

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