Stop Paying Merchant Card Processing Fees and Have Your Processor Pay You Instead

Merchants are discovering a way to stop paying their merchant card processing fees and have their accounts paying them instead. It's an old trick similar to credit card cash back systems with a totally new game changing twist added. Merchants as well as affiliates can refer others and earn commissions from their accounts as well.

It begins with 20% cash back when a merchant joins while keeping his same processing equipment and rates. The merchant also receives a commission from the affiliate who referred him. They partner, refer other merchants and affiliates who also share commissions and in a very short time both are setting on a mountain of money. The next logical question is where do all these commissions come from?

It appears that competition among processors has reduced rates to an all-time low and there is no way to lower rates and still be profitable or is there? The only variable in processing costs appear to be the salespeople who go door-to-door to entice merchants to switch processors or set up totally new business accounts.

Formally, salespeople were required to sell the system by answering all the merchants' questions and showing him how he would save money by switching service providers. Then, the salesperson would be required to install the equipment and be a technician to handle any system glitches.

The training required to produce such an extraordinary salesperson is expensive and time-consuming not to mention other expenses such as workman's comp, health insurance, payroll, social security, uniforms, tools and supplies plus travel related costs just to mention a very few. Centralizing all these processes thereby eliminating salespeople is a key factor in cost reduction.

You may have noticed ads on TV for insurance or other services where you simply go to a website, submit your information and get a certificate of insurance almost immediately. If a state license is required to handle the process there's an agent on duty somewhere with his "approved stamp" close at hand. The result is thousands and thousands of field insurance agents are replaced by one agent with a rubber stamp and a TV commercial.

Next you also eliminate the advertising costs by allowing anyone who can walk, talk and possibly use the web to do company advertising. By allowing anyone to sign up as an affiliate and introduce merchants to a 20% cash back system, the advertising cost has been eliminated in a most unique way. Word-of-mouth from business to business is highly cost-efficient and of course free.

When a merchant discovers there is additional money to be made from his processor, he in turn refers other merchants and gets an affiliate commission from accounts he refers. This self replicating system has other far-reaching advantages. Under the old-style system, the employed company salesperson received a monthly residual on each account sold but under the new business model affiliates and business owners share this income for as long as an account exists.

Handling the required equipment technology in this new business model is done by local experts who operate computer installation and repair services. Existing businesses keep their same rates and equipment with nothing changing except the service provider. New installations for business start ups are thus handled by local experts who are also affiliates.

Now you can stop paying merchant card processing fees and earn a significant six or seven digit income by adapting the new patented business system which was once upon a time a business expense. It should come as no surprise the only processor offering this patented opportunity was also the top award-winning processor in 2010.

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