Dentist: How to Find One in a New City

If you have recently moved to a new city, you are probably in need of a new dentist. If you know plenty of people near you, such as family and friends, it may be easy to get a recommendation to a good one. However, most people do not know many people when they first move, requiring them to rely on other resources to find new doctors. Consider a few ways to locate a good dentist near you without having to talk to people you do not know very well yet.

You can usually start by using your computer at a resource, or more specifically, the internet. If you have dental insurance, the first place to start is the company that insures you. Most providers have a website that lists the doctors and dentists that they cover under their policies, so put in your zip code to find some near you. This type of search usually also allows you to see which dentists speak difference languages, whether they are accepting new patients, and whether they have any specialty areas, such as pediatrics. You should write down the contact information of a few near you who are taking new patients.

Some dentists also advertise by sending direct mail to houses near their office. Most offer special deals and coupons to new patients, so look for such ads, as these can save you hundreds of dollars in some cases. They also often let you know which services they offer, which insurance providers they accept, and their contact information, of course. If the advertisement provides a website, considering checking it out before calling to find out more information, such as office policies and the background of the dentist.

Of course, one easy way to find a new practitioner is to type your city's name into a search engine, along with the title that you are looking for. You can usually specify, for example, whether you want a family dentist or one who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. This type of search should provide you with a list of practitioners near you, and many may also have reviews attached to the contact information.

You may have to use trial and error to find a good dentist near you. However, calling each office first to get some information upfront, such as policies, fees, and whether your insurance is accepted, can help you weed out the dentists that will not work well for you. These steps should result in you finding a new practitioner despite not knowing anyone in your new city.

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