What Are The Types Of Bad Credit?

When we mention bad credit, it actually refers to credit history or credit scores of an individual or company. As the ways of lending money has undergone dramatic changes, the consumers are today considered nothing more than numbers. These numbers are reflected in our credit scores, and our insurance scores. The credit or insurance that any consumer can get, depends on their credit score. If you have a bad credit score, you will have many terms and conditions associated when you ask lenders for money.

Thanks to credit rating, we can now distinguish how bad the history of a person or company is. In other words, we can distinguish if the credit history is bad, very bad, or horribly bad. Taking this into consideration, lenders and insurance companies have devised products and services for people with bad credit. In case of consumers with a low score, lenders and insurance companies have offers specifically for them that are associated with low limits, higher rates of interest, higher premium, and less attractive terms.

There are consumers that will be flatly denied any credit by lenders because of the many risks associated in lending money to these people with horribly bad credit scores. Consider a consumer who has recently declared bankruptcy. you will not come across any lender who is willing to give this person a credit card or any kind of credit with their company. This is because the consumer has to first discharge all the debt to get rid of the bankruptcy on their record.

We need to know that consumers with serious delinquencies will have poor credit ratings, compared to consumers with lower amounts that are owed out. Moreover, your credit score will lower if your credit report mentions of recent delinquencies. Also, your credit rating gets adversely affected if you have several cases of late payment in your history.

Knowing your history will help you greatly in your future. It is very important to understand that what you do when you are young will affect you greatly later on in life. Unfortunately, young adults aren't educated when it comes to their credit and how it is rated. Companies go after those young people who are uneducated, because they know that young people like to spend, and rarely have the funds to back-up their spending. In this case, it will take a long time to pay back the amount that they have accrued. This is good for the companies, but not for the spender.

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