Breakdown Cover - Beware Your Frozen Assets!

When financial hard times hit, we all look at our expenses and try to make economies. This is a natural and sensible reaction. However, it is also a minefield where often, what appear to be the most sensible cut in costs can lead ultimately to a catastrophic bill due to the unforeseen. Apart from our homes, the next most valuable item we own is usually our vehicle. It would be easy to think about cutting back on our motor and breakdown cover, but it almost certainly leads to disaster.

As we head towards the festive season, we are already in the vice like grip of freezing temperatures. It does seem to be an enigma that during a time notable for its global warming, we are facing sub zero temperatures! This is partly due to misleading media comments, but more importantly, due to the temperature being averaged throughout the whole of the world. We also know that one of the prominent features of global warming from past records is that there are extremes of weather conditions.

One date to circle on your calendar is 4th January 2011. Why, because that is the first day back at work for millions of people in the UK. Millions of people will return to their vehicles after the festive season and will find themselves stranded because of cost cutting and freezing conditions and it won't be just flat batteries that people confront. Often as a direct result of their economies they will find their finances flat as well!

Some motoring organizations have estimated that up to 3 million motorists will forgo proper breakdown cover this winter in an attempt to cut costs. Often they will find this false economy saving as little as £40 for annual breakdown cover that would cover them for the thousands who will damage their windscreens whilst trying to quickly remove ice, using such items as shoes and credit cards!

When it comes to value for money, it is hard to find anything in the insurance world that comes close to breakdown cover. There are basic cover deals starting at around £30 for a years worth of cover, however, if you shop around, there are also deals to be found for the more expensive types of cover sometimes as much as 50% off the normal cost. One of the more common misconceptions that people make when taking out breakdown cover is to assume that they are covered for there vehicle breaking down at home! Yes, we all envisage the vehicle coming to a shuddering halt on some motorway, but we rarely think about it not starting at home. This can be an expensive mistake, as call outs at home will attract some hefty costs if you use your local garage, or even if you get your existing provider to accept a home call out.

So, the advice is shop around for the cover you feel comfortable with, preferably including a home start type of service, and look for special deals and first time offers.

The secret is to know where to find that cover and the best place to start is a specialist website. Shopping around for the best insurance and breakdown deals could land people with the cheapest but best cover for them.

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