How Network Marketing Home Business Gains Advantage in New Technology

Isn't it about time that the network marketing home-based business model with its people skills finally took advantage of the growing internet marketplace and distribution channels? What a question! What an answer to build independent fortunes, if done right.

Networkers already understand at a personal level the impact of the current recession and possible future years of economic uncertainty.They even probably agree that the greatest transfer of wealth is moving from a Manufacturing Industrial Economy to a Technological Information Age Global Economy.

On one hand, network marketing as a home business has evolved for 60 years offering cutting-edge research and manufacturing of products and services which was the basis for residual money for families. Now, on the other hand, the evolution of network marketing has finally merged with high tech. This internet click revolution will transform the future for those entrepreneurs who "get it" and it is already doing that.

This new opportunity is currently on rare ground floor. Imagine starting out with Microsoft or Dell computers.Welcome to the brilliant home business of the future called My Shopping Genie.

Just a few details under main topics should be reason enough to check this company out and take it for a test drive.

1. Online Shopping is a 204 BILLION Dollar Industry (last year) and GROWING. Sixty four percent of shoppers compare prices online before buying. Online shopping is increasing by 10% annually.
2. My Genie is the only business that rides on top of all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. GOOGLE PAY-PER-CLICK earned 23 billion dollars. Wouldn't you love to get a piece of that pie? How big a piece is up to you.
3. My Genie has been going for 3 years now, launched as a 2 stage affiliate program before moving to a much more powerful Direct Sales Opportunity commissions plan in late 2009. At of end of 2010, there were 1.8 million installations and 50,000 distributors worldwide.
4. On the Alexa Web Traffic Ranking System, My Genie has passed Amway, Melaleuca, Pre-Paid Legal Services, USANA, Mary Kay, NuSkin, MonaVie and Tupperware, and is second now only to Avon.

1. Online shoppers save money by getting the best bargains on the Internet in the least time. Reports show that the average person using My Shopping Genie saves hundreds of dollars monthly, and some over a thousand, plus they save hours of searching for the best deal. They can find great deals at over 200,000+ stores, liquidators and product manufacturers, including over 1,000,000 coupons and special offers.
2. Personal savings made real. Think about what your next purchase might be in whatever industry. How much would you think to pay and how much would you like to save? Now with My Shopping Genie you can find the lowest prices in real time to see how much you could save.

Imagine you do not need to pay full price ever again...whether you're buying movies, music, automotive, food, beverage, weddings, interior designers, jeans, boats, golf, other sports, holiday resorts, medicine, prescriptions, iPhone, clothes, lingerie, holiday shopping, flat screen TV, pizza, washing machines, dryers, VCR, DVD, CD, video games, travel, wine, iTunes, computers, and even insurance agencies like health insurance, life insurance, and car insurance.

Every day can be a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday. Simply put, you are throwing money away without My Shopping Genie. Now that you know, why not save a dollar and earn a dollar?

1. An amazing feature is that you don't have to sell anything. As a distributor, you only GIVE AWAY the free App to consumers. There's ZERO buying resistance because the customer never has to pay for it.
2. An unique feature combines affiliate marketing with network marketing. You can earn affiliate income for purchases made through some retailers like Amazon, Clickbank, and DigiDown.
3. It is the only business that pays pay-per-click income. You get paid by the sellers when people click and search, even if they don't buy. The average person searches 88 times per month. The average Genie returns approximately $3 per month in click income. In fact, some distributors can make a full time income on their first level. Just imagine anyone with a computer who shops online can make you money whether they buy anything or not.
4. You can get a lifetime license for $199 and a low $29 monthly subscription fee. You also receive 2 websites, flyers, banner ads, training, and customer support. The entire business is digital and internet based, so there is no inventory or shipping costs, and it is quickly expanding internationally.

HOW TO GROW HOME BUSINESS INCOME When people use the Genie you will earn income in at least 9 ways. Here are four ways.

1. Pay per click. Many of these online outlets will pay you on a per click basis when someone uses the application. Simply put, the more people you sign-up for their free Shopping Genie, the more income that you will earn.
2. Affiliate Income. Many large online retailers such as Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay have affiliate programs where you can earn money for each sale that you make using the Genie software.
3. Placement Income. When you sign 2 people up as distributors for My Shopping Genie, you will get paid $100. If you become a distributor today and sign up 10 people tomorrow, you will earn $500 for example.
4. Residual Income with Binary Team Commissions. You earn money in multiples of 2 in terms of team sales, matching bonuses and overrides with pay-per-click incomes earned by personally enrolled Genie users. It is a no-flush system. For more specific details, request site and videos.

1. My Shopping Genie provides free advertising for small business owners on the front page of every major search engine. For example, let's say a Deli Shop owner gives away the free App to his customers, and whenever they search the internet, his business logo appears on the top of Google search. The Deli business then gets paid whenever it gets exposure versus paying for impressions. This is self-branding at its best and My Genie will even create coupons to give to your customers with your Genie link.
2. This unique concept also helps FUND RAISING. Non-profits such as schools, churches and Chambers of Commerce are also attracted to My Shopping Genie because there is no selling and there is no out of pocket expenses for contributors. For example, if a school team wants to earn money, they can encourage the public to download a free Shopping Genie and the team receives Pay-Per-Click income.

The BOTTOM LINE is this...imagine that anybody with a computer can make you money.

In fact, even if you don't want anything to do with the business, don't let this stop you from saving money. Request your personal DEMO and download the Genie today so you can enjoy the savings.

However, for those people who are serious about more income and financial security, the best news is the simple 3 Steps Marketing Plan that has grown a team of 14,000 distributors plus.

1. Listen to 7 minutes overview 512 404 1270 option #4

2. Register and watch webinar...request link

3. Download My Shopping Genie App and test-drive for yourself how much money you can save.

The final word is that you can be independently financially set or dependent on others. Rich is better. When a home business opportunity is so clear and simple, it makes no sense to let it pass without even trying. Request your special videos to make an informed decision. Our team of professional networkers is standing by to help you every step of the way.

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