Injury Claim Advice - 3 Instances When You Cannot Make A Claim

Injury claims are something that most people do not understand at all. Only a small percentage of claims ever end up in court and the ones that do end up in court are usually dealt with quite swiftly. Work accident claims are usually an insurance issue as most employers have insurance to protect them against claims for accidents at work. Compensation insurance is something that is actually prescribed by law for certain occupations and in certain states. Jobs that have a high risk of injury usually have insurance prescribed by statuary requirements.

When it comes to public claims like road accidents and claims that involve public road ways it becomes more complicated and getting a specialist's opinion is probably best. However, there are certain situations where you cannot make a claim. Lets quickly look at those:

- Negligence
If the accident was a result of your own personal negligence then you will probably not get away with a claim. A good example is when your accident is a result of you deliberately breaking company safety regulation. Although there are exceptions, as a rule of thumb you need to stick to company safety regulations.

- Time Frame
When you claim is a big deal. You cannot claim for something that happened 10 years ago - although there are exceptions for that as well. In the UK for instance you need to make your claim within 3 years of the accident.

- Multiple Claims
This has been an issue of much debate when the whole mesothelioma thing flared up. In general you cannot claim multiple times for the same injury. For this reason you need to make sure you get your claim right the first time and get the maximum claim in first time.

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