Medicare Supplement Leads - Don't Overlook "Freshness"

There are many components that make for good Medicare supplement leads. Among the most valuable and frequently overlooked would be the relative "freshness" of the leads. That is to say, you will want to call medicare supplement leads that have not been perpetually called by insurance agents. When an insurance company or individual agent is working with a list of fresh medicare supplement leads, the potential to sell a policy is more likely.

The reasons for this should be quite apparent.

Any potential customer that has been called repeatedly may have already made his or her mind up regarding whether or not to purchase a policy. In some instances, the individual may already be quite tuned out to hearing any type of pitch from an agent. The client may be taking the attitude that he/she has "heard it all" and do not want to purchase. Such customers are, well, not really customers since they will probably hang up without a second thought.

Then, there is the "customer" on the other end of the spectrum. Such an individual will be the person that has no intention of buying but will stay on the line simply to waste time. These individuals drain valuable time, energy, and resources from agents that could otherwise be putting their work to better use.

Again, you will want to work with fresh supplement leads. When the leads are fresh and not overused, the odds of making a sale will increase. The individual that you would be contacting has not become jaded to the process. This enhances the sales and closing potential on the medicare supplement leads immensely.

Now, there is some confusion regarding how often you should call those on a fresh list of quality medicare supplement leads. Certainly, you cannot call one name once and if there is no policy purchased to never call the individual again. Such a process is ridiculous because it would require purchasing hundreds of thousands of medicare supplement leads in order to stay in business! Actually, no agency would be able to stay in business if it needed to purchase that many medicare supplement leads! In all seriousness, there is a wiser approach to take when it comes to the acquisition of medicare supplement leads. Basically, you need to follow two common sense maxims. They are:

  • Just because someone has not purchased a policy in the past does not mean the person will not purchase one in the future.
  • Some medicare leads are just never going to purchase and you need to make a judgment call to move on.

Why would someone that was previously contacted on a list of medicare leads to no avail change his/her attitude? There are a few reasons in play here. First, circumstances may change which means someone that otherwise would not have purchased a policy may change his mind.

Then, there is also the fact that different agents may have different results with the same lead. Cycling the medicare supplement leads around to various agents can lead to different results with the same individual on the lead list. That is just a fact of life when it comes to selling any type of insurance policy.

In terms of making a decision to cease calling people on a lead list, this is a judgment call that needs to be made by the agency. There are times when it is best to move on and retire certain names on a list of medicare supplement leads. This would be a much better plan to take since it will maximize efficiency.

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