2009 - A Safer Year for Motorcyclists in Texas

For years it seemed the statistics surrounding motorcycle accidents and death kept getting more and more grim more often than not riders were getting caught in accidents resulting in injury or death. However, 2009 saw a significant reduction in the amount of accidents and fatalities between motorcyclists and motorists. For the year 2009, the number of motorcycle accidents decreased by 18%. This is a significant decrease considering that between 2000 -2008 the number increased by 31%.

The decline seems to be the result of increased outreach efforts by the state of Texas to help riders and drivers alike stay more aware on the road. New licensing requirements in the state also require that both cyclists and motorists to take additional safety classes. The classes are designed to provide both riders and motorists with information on how to increase their awareness and be defensive on the road. Attorneys in Texas and insurers alike are pushing the state to keep the regulations and awareness campaigns going through 2011. Given the effects seen so far, it's likely the effort will continue.

Safety on the road is a life or death proposition. Even if you aren't required to take a defensive riding class, you should. Safety classes can teach you how to avoid and safely get out of dangerous situations so that you can ride safely. Riders who have documented safety classes may also be eligible for discounts or lower premiums from their insurers. If you are interested in learning more about potential classes or additional safety information, reach out to your MyTX agent today.

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