Types Of Fire Damage

Most fires accidents at home are caused by reasons that are easy to avert. There are no more effective ways to safeguard your home from fire than remaining alert to possible threats and taking precautions to ensure that such an accident does not occur. Though you cannot reverse the destruction, you can claim the damage amount-but only if the property and the goods and items inside are insured.

No one knows your property better than you do. The insurance agent will be well-versed in the laws and the technical processes involved in assessing the loss and filing for claims. But you are the best person to determine the damages and their true extent. So, while filing for an insurance claim you should be pro-active in going over the house and run through your belongings to assess the damages. Else, certain damages might go unidentified and you will you receive less compensation than you are liable to.

If you are aware of the types of fire damage, you can file for the appropriate insurance claim and also ensure that the renovation process is thorough. Generally, reparable fire damage can be classified into three categories. These are the following:

* There is some amount of smoke damage throughout the property and layers of soot cover extensive parts. These may be caused by a stove or a pot overheating and catching fire. The smoke that is thus produced gets charged electro-statically and clings to everything that comes on its path. Smoke from fire does not spare the walls and ceiling too.

* Damages are more severe if the fire manages to goes through the ceiling and come in contact with the trusses supporting the roof of the building. In some cases, the trusses may also get burned. In such instances, one or two rooms in the house, usually those in close proximity to the fire, may also be extensively damaged.

* In the third case, the interior of the house is affected extensively and the roof has been burned completely at many places. These are usually expensive to repair. Sometimes, fire may also harm the structure of the house and this may not be apparent readily. The damages need to be detected thoroughly before the renovation starts.

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