Breast Reconstruction: Reasons For The Surgery

Breast reconstruction, not sure if you need one? Consider whether you fall into any of the categories of women who tend to need it. You may be able to get it paid for by insurance, though you should check before expecting financial assistance.

You may wonder why breast reconstruction would be needed if augmentation already exists. After all, why would anyone need to change the appearance of their entire chest when they could just go with the less complicated implant surgery to increase the size? While just adding implants is more popular than completely reconstructing the breasts, there are a few cases in which this surgical procedure is necessary. Consider the most common reasons for getting breast reconstruction.

One of the most widespread reasons for breast reconstruction is to get back the feminine figure after a mastectomy due to cancer. Some women have to have one or both breasts removed when cancer is found in the area, but fortunately they can get back what they lost using this kind of surgery. In fact, it is usually paid for by insurance companies when it can be proved that it is medically necessary after a mastectomy.

A medical condition may be a good reason for breast reconstruction, but it is not the only one. Though it is rare, some women need it after getting into a car accident that results in part of their chest being damaged. In some cases, serious injuries can be fixed in the hospital right after the crash, but the affected area may never look the same, calling for aesthetic help. This is where plastic surgery comes in, as it can make the area look better than ever with a simple operation. If a car accident ruined the appearance of this part of your body, you may be able to get either your insurance company or the other driver's company to cover the cost of the operation.

Any other trauma to the chest may result in the need for breast reconstruction. You can have it done to either one or both breasts. While the point is to get back what you lost, the surgery does not have to result in the same cup size as you were before. This means that if you have always wanted a larger chest, this is the time to get implants in the size that you desire. As long as it does not cost the insurance company more money just to get larger implants, you can typically get the size and type you want. Talk to the person or company responsible for paying for the operation, as well as a plastic surgeon in your area, before you make any choices.

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