Get White Teeth Fast - The Single Most Important Step You Must Take

Blame it on Hollywood - it seems everyone these days wants to get white teeth fast. While there's nothing with wanting a million dollar smile like the big stars, there is something you absolutely must do before you rush out and buy some over over-the-counter whitening product:

See a dentist!

You see, bleaching your discolored teeth won't always fix the problem. In some cases, a tooth is discolored due to decay or underlying disease. All the gels, rinses, films and whitening toothpaste in the world won't make such teeth pearly white.

Save yourself frustration, time and maybe a lot of money by consulting a dentist before you start trying to whiten teeth yourself. You might find that the discoloration is due to heavy consumption of coffee, red wine or tea and an hour with the dental hygienist will remove all the muck and leave your teeth gleaming - no need for whitening!

If the tooth discoloration is internal, the dentist can bond a thin porcelain veneer to cover it. Alternatively, a porcelain crown can be fitted to a decaying tooth that will make it as good as new. Dentists also offer professional teeth whitening procedures that are long lasting and effective. Your dentist can also prescribe a professional home whitening kit for you to use at your convenience.

Here's another reason to have a dentist supervise your teeth cleaning: There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market and while they are generally safe, some users have reported adverse effects like tooth and gum sensitivity - and in rare cases, they can cause cracks and roughness in existing crowns and fillings. It just makes sense to have a dentist recommend the correct procedure to have your teeth looking their best.

One more thing: check your dental insurance plan - in some cases you might be able to claim a portion of teeth whitening procedures. And if a discolored tooth needs a crown because of underlying disease you almost certainly will be able to make a claim.

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