How to Reclaim Bank Charges and PPI Claims

If you have had a loan or credit card payment in the past six years or more, you may have the right for claiming PPI recompense. Consumers often did not know they were paying extra for an insurance that would not likely cover their situation in the first place. PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance. It actually has a legitimate purpose. That insurance is there in case the debtor cannot make their payments due to specific circumstances such as job loss or extended illness. The problem came in the type of policies sold as well as the sales tactics involved.

Many people do not even know if they pay for PPI or not. That is one of the big problems in this scandal. They went to the bank or other lender and wanted to take out a loan for say, £5000 for five years. The lender comes back and says your interest rate will be 7% and your payments are £125 a month. Unless you are a financial genius, you likely think the amount of £125 a month sounds reasonable for the loan amount and period. However, what they did not tell you was the £125 a month figure included £25 in PPI. Only £100 of that monthly amount went to paying the loan back. The rest was pure profit for the bank. Claiming PPI recompense in this case is often very simple.

Many of these PPI policies have so many restrictions that the average consumer would have trouble making a claim against it. If the person was unemployed at the time they took out the loan, PPI coverage for unemployment is automatically worthless. If the person was self-employed, most PPI will not cover if their business fails and they are not eligible for unemployment cover. People with existing medical problems usually have no PPI claim for any medical condition they have had in the past. Claiming PPI in these cases is straightforward.

How do you make these claims for PPI policies? You have a few options. You can make the claim yourself by contacting the lender directly. Nevertheless, many lenders refuse the claims without reviewing the circumstances. It is as if they want you to go away quickly and quietly without claiming PPI recompense. However, you can use a professional service to make a claim as well. Moreover, they know how to get lenders to pay attention to your claim.

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