A Discussion on Hospitals in Baghdad

The capital and most important centre of the Iraqi republic, Baghdad is the best city the republic has. A culture that dates back to the most ancient of times and a rich history makes Baghdad a city that feels like out of the world. The city has a unique charm about itself that sets it apart from cities in the west. Having faced many hostilities Baghdad is recovering well since the evacuation of the American army. The government is trying its utmost to offer proper medical and health facilities to its residents and tourists alike.

The public hospitals are affordable and offer good treatment for basic ailments. Nevertheless, if the patients face a serious problem, they might not get attention that is required, since the hospitals have shortage of staff though the equipment is not all that bad. The doctors are firm regarding accepting no credit cards. You need to carry ready cash with you, since every part of the treatment process, right from the consulting part to the tests, need to be paid for on the spot, and separately. A bit of tact and restraint is needed in case you think the attention received is not adequate. Try talking a little politely, instead of getting into arguments. 

Insurance is an important aspect that needs to be dealt with before you leave for a trip to Baghdad. Check with your local insurance provider of the formalities needed to extend your medical policy cover, to the costs incurred on treatment in Baghdad. Most doctors do not accept the insurances. You must always carry the proper documentation with you along with the records of any past medical problems. Most hospital staff possesses knowledge of English; though you may hire a translator. Young Baghdad residents shall be more than happy to extend a helping hand, at a small fee. 

There are pharmacies in the city that give over the counter medicines on producing a prescription. It is safe, however, to carry adequate supplies of such medicines with you. The best known hospitals in Baghdad are the Baghdad Medical City, Ibn Sina Hospital, Al-Yermouk hospital, Shaheed Adnan hospital, al-Hayat hospital, al-Rahebat hospital and the Karkh hospital. The hospitals are of standards that are not really top notch; nevertheless for small problems they can serve you well. For larger issues you would need medical evacuation to a better country nearby.

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