Planning for Death

How do you plan for your death? How do you even start? Or to know where to look for the information? Most of us, don't even believe that now is the time to start planning for our death. So, when is a good time? When you get a better job? Wait until you get married or have children? Or waiting until your older?

The answer is NOW. Don't wait until you reach a certain point in your life to plan for this. Stop to think for a moment. Besides reaching any of those milestones, you would still have your family that would have to take care of those plans for you. Now wouldn't you want to not have to put any of your family through that? Let me help you make plans for that day.

Now, If you don't have an insurance policy on yourself, then you are putting the rest of your family at risk. Meaning that they would have to cover the cost of your funeral. Unless you have the money to leave for those arrangements. Speaking from personal experience on being in this situation, recently my family went through this. A close cousin of mine, died suddenly at 35. He didn't have any insurance of any kind. This was the most difficult thing his mom had to ever do. To ask the rest of our family to help bury her child. I hope you never have to be in this situation. This is why planning and preparing is so important.

Besides the insurance, having a burial policy is a good idea too. This way you will have the immediate burial issues handled. This burial policy should take care of your not only the coffin, but also things like the obituaries. Check with the funeral home provider too to be sure of what all is exactly covered in the policy.

Next, a cemetery plot. Yes, you can buy these before time too. To my understanding if you are an active member of a church, you do not have to pay to get a plot in the cemetery. But, please, check with your church to be sure that info is correct. (Because I have been a member of my church since childhood, and I never knew that there was a fee, until my cousin had died and needed a plot.)

Headstone. This fee is separate from all the rest also. Here, you can check to simply get an estimate of the general type you would want to have.

I know that all of this is hard. To picture you planning your own death and funeral. Thinking of insurance policies and headstones. But, this is the same place your family will be. They too will have no general idea about what to do. Help them. Take some of the burden off of them. Losing you was painful enough.

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