Everything You Ought to Know Car Transport

Do you know what car transport is? In simple terms, Car transport means transporting your vehicle from one place to another. You can transport your vehicle either from one state to another or from city to city.

How to find best car Transport Company? You can browse internet with keywords like car transport, auto transport, car shipping, auto transport etc. You can take help of friends who have used various shipping services. Have a look at local telephone book. Choose a company that has been in this industry for decades. Experienced companies would provide best quality service at affordable price. Visit Better business bureau if you want to know more about the company. Find out from the transport company do they provide insurance certificate. Find out if the company is registered with USDOT and whether DOT and MC number is given to them. Make sure that transport companies have professional drivers who can handle your vehicle in any climatic conditions. Do find out about hidden costs before they pick up your vehicle.

How to choose a car transport company? Many people are confused should they choose open or enclosed service. If you are shipping a luxury or classic car go in for enclosed vehicle. If your car is just a regular sedan, it's better to go in with an open transport. Open auto transport is much cheaper than enclosed car shipping. Enclosed car transport protects your car from various elements like dust, air, snow and sun etc. Find out whether your car will be shipped to your home or nearest terminal. If you want to save money go in for terminal shipping. Find out from the transporter the address of terminal, so that you can pick up the vehicle as soon as it is delivered.

Payment and insurance details Find out what payment method the carriers use (credit card, cashier check etc). Some companies may ask for full payment in advance, while some may ask for a deposit. Remaining amount is usually paid during delivery. Never trust verbal promises of a shipping company. Get everything in written. Check your auto shipping contact. Whether all the costs, deductibles, claim procedures, pick up and delivery dates etc are written properly in the contract. Read the contract till you don't understand the basics. Confirm your pick up date at least two weeks before the actual shipment.

Factors to consider before shipping your vehicle: Get copies of insurance policies and other agreements in writing to avoid misunderstandings later. Go through the insurance plan properly so that if any damage has occurred during transit you can claim for damages from Transport Company. Find out how much can you claim in case of damage to your vehicle. Get telephone number of the driver while picking up your vehicle.

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