Home Inventory Business Opportunity - Fresh Small Scale Business Ideas For Today

In a challenging economy where businesses and people alike value their assets even more, starting a home inventory business opportunity might just be a business that can flourish in these times.

What is a home inventory business? This business consists of a home inventory business specialist and takes, well, inventory of all the high-priced goods for the purposes of insurance. For your home, they might look at your high definition television, computes, gold rings, furniture or expensive paintings or sculptures.

This Can Be Done On A Full Time Or Part Time Basis

Not only will they record and inventory your items, but they will also give an appraisal to what it is worth. This can be very valuable if, God forbid, a disaster like a fire or flood happens and destroys your personal belongings especially if you live in a state where natural disasters happen seasonally like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or floods.

For businesses, a disaster like this could make the difference from recovering back to the business it once was, or losing everything that may not have been listed or that may not have been appraised.

In order to go into the home inventory business, you'll need to apply for a regular business license and possibly a certification from an insurance company. This most likely will involve a State test on ethics and questions about how to appraise and assess value of property. Since this occupation may be new for most States, be aware that regulations and requirements change at a fast pace.

Also, there are many courses available for you to take so that you can start one of the hot home inventory businesses. You can find them at your local colleges, community colleges, and online. There are also correspondence courses available. The courses are neither expensive nor difficult.

You may also want to check the State Insurance Commission and your local community or state colleges for courses and curriculum on the home inventory business opportunity. Some courses may even be online which should benefit those who are restricted by distance. Most of these courses are based more on common-sense and should be easily picked up after reading and studying course materials.

Here are some other questions you need to ask yourself to insure that this opportunity is a good fit for your personality and what you like to do:

1. Are you comfortable driving around town, mostly using your own car and going into people's place of business or residency

2. What are the legalities in starting a business and do you need to have a business entity.

3. What about your tax obligations.

4. Can you afford to quit the security of your full time job or do you prefer to try this part time. Many clients may require you to be available at their convenience not yours.

5. Can this be started from a home office or do you need a office away from your home.

6. Outside of paying for your courses, will there be more money to shell out once you get started.

7. How will you market your business? Online, Offline or both?

After answering these questions and more, you'll have a good start to having a successful home inventory business.What is a home inventory business?

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