Bank on Yourself Is the Way to Get Wealthy on Auto Pilot

The idea of retiring tax-free seems crazy when you first hear it, but why should we not retire tax-free, the biggest expense in our live is taxes and when we retire we are wealthy then we were when we first started out. So our taxes will be higher not lower, that stinks if you have a large taxable account that the Government can get their hands on.

It doesn't have to be that way though, with the system of Bank on Yourself, you become the bank. To most people that idea just seems foreign. Most people ask how can I become a bank? The answer is in your investment, most people are told to invest in the stock market and that's a good idea but how you do it makes all the difference. The majority of people invest in mutual funds. The idea was that if your investment fund was diversified enough that your retirement would be safe from a dramatic financial loss, but the problem with that theory is that it didn't work. The two thousand eight crash of the stock market proved that. In two thousand eight people lost over thirty five percent in their safe retirement accounts. Even though the next year the stock market had a good return, all of the talking heads were saying that the market was coming back, even though you still were in the red. Now the people that followed Bank on Yourself strategies did not lose anything. During the two thousand eight crash they not only did not lose a penny but they earned two percent tax-free.

You see the secret to making money is to never lose any money, if can never lose then you can invest with confidence. That's the strategy of bank on yourself uses insurance to protect your investment. We insure everything else important in our life. For example your house, car, and boat I would bet to say all have insurance on them in case of catastrophic lose. So why not your most important thing you can not afford to lose. Your retirement. The bank on yourself strategy is not a new strategy its quit old. Insure your retirement so you don't lose any more money in case of another great drop in the stock market.

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