After Hours Clinic

For many patients, finding an urgent care center during regular daytime weekday hours is relatively easy. Most family practice, internal medicine and pediatric offices and clinics offer some availability for walk-in patients, although waiting times for those without prior appointments may be excessive. For patients who are fatigued, in pain, or experiencing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or other symptoms, sitting in the waiting room may be less than ideal.

Finding an after hours clinic is often more challenging since most facilities close by 5 pm. After hours clinics are scarce in many locations, and patients may see the emergency room as their only viable option for urgent care after hours. In San Francisco Bay Area, for example, patients are surprised to learn that after hours clinics are rare.

While some after hours clinics may remain open until 7pm, most have more limited hours. Patients commonly resort to the emergency departments for their after hours clinic urgent care. Unfortunately, waiting times are generally prolonged because ER's tend to become busier during these times. While waiting, ER situations may change each moment because of the arrival of sicker patients and other emergencies. This is not to mention the added cost factor.

Emergency room and hospital fees are generally much higher than outpatient care, by a significant multiple. For patients with high deductible insurance policies, and for those who lack insurance altogether, the ER may present a frightening option.

Lastly, the ER can be a challenging environment for a sick patient. Patients may be exposed to other sick patients, "superbugs", and even the unruly behavior of the inebriated. For the protective parent, the ER waiting room may be the place to stay on guard.

A new, highly convenient and affordable and safe option is now available for patients in place of the after hours clinic. Housecalls services brings the physician and clinic directly to patients, wherever there are. The house call doctors evaluate and treat patients at home, in hotel rooms, workplace, businesses, and elsewhere.

Such practitioners bring the whole to you. Medications, injections, IV fluids, stitching, splinting and more are available during the house call. Even x-rays, instant blood tests, strep tests, urine tests and more may be provided on site. Patients of all ages are treated by these house call providers, including children. They are highly experienced in emergency and urgent care.

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