LSO - Orthopedic Braces - How To Find A Provider Near You - What Is an LSO?

Does your lower back bother you?

Are you a medical professional that wants to get your patient an LSO?

1.) What is an "LSO"?

An "LSO" is an acronym that stands for "Lumbar Sacral Orthosis". When you see the word "orthosis", you can assume that it means "external support" or "brace". These supports can be prefabricated or custom-made and are usually requested by your physician to help facilitate healing of an injured spine in the lumbar or sacral region. Sometimes people do not need a TLSO and that is why a LSO can be used in place of one when the conditions are right. Usually you use an LSO for lumbar and sacral issues, in general.

If you need a custom LSO, it is recommended that you work with a licensed orthotist in your area. They will take a cast and measurements of you and then they will make the brace and custom fit it to you when it is complete. Some off the shelf versions can provide support, but there is no beating a custom LSO because it optimizes total contact and support levels for the lumbar and sacral spine.

2.) Does Insurance Cover My Back Brace?

Many times, a brace can be covered at 100 % by using your medical insurance. This does not always happen, but a licensed brace provider will be able to communicate on your behalf to the insurance company as a courtesy and obtain coverage of benefits for you. This could be really helpful when it comes time to getting your new brace, because we all like it when someone helps us pick up the bill, right?

This is another benefit of seeing a brace professional in your area. If you were to order a brace online, they should not be able to bill the brace to your insurance, unless they fit the brace to you. This is crucial information to remember.

Moreover, if you order a brace off the internet and you do not like it, there are probably going to be restocking fees. The online store will probably take it back (but not always), if it is in good condition. However you know what happens next, right? - You get hit with a restocking fee. Usually this is somewhere around 10-15%. Yes, you might have gotten free shipping, but if you don't get the exact right product size etc, then you will be paying for the restocking fee and the free shipping just went out the door!

3.) How To Find A Provider Near You - Chicago, Suburbs & Google Example

We use the general example of Chicago and its suburbs here, but you can use these following steps to find a brace company in any part of the United States with the following information. Moreover, these steps are probably applicable in many places in the world...

When you are looking for a "lumbar sacral orthosis" in Chicago, go to Google and type in "LSO" and "Chicago". Or you can type in "LSO" and "60611" and you will find brace companies that come up in this area. Or, if you live or work in the suburbs, you can type in "LSO" and "Wood Dale", for example and orthopedic brace companies in this area will come up. - Remember, this is a general guide to finding service on the internet. Apply your home town or zip code were applicable.

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