Settlement Loans, Attorneys, Car Wrecks, And MIST Cases

Yes, there are many individuals who seek settlement loans, lawsuit loans, legal settlement loans, and other forms of litigation funding following car accidents (i.e., motor vehicle collisions, car wrecks, MVAs, MVCs, etc.). However, many people fail to understand the importance of dealing with a liability insurance carriers when attempting to settle a claim of this nature.

It is extremely important for individuals who are pursuing such claims to retain a competent attorney. What do we mean by "competent" attorney? In the use of term "competent" attorney, we are really referring to individuals who have sufficient experience in Personal Injury cases to be able to understand the many nuances involved in the system.

Although there are many attorneys who offer services in the Personal Injury field, many of those attorneys simply lack the experience to be able the handle difficult cases competently. One form of these more difficult and complicated cases would be the MIST case.

When we use the term MIST, we are merely referring to those that are classified as "minor impact soft tissue" injury cases following car wrecks. These cases can be extremely difficult for numerous reasons.

Importantly, many of the providers to individuals following such injuries also lack the experience to be able to handle the cases properly. There is an abysmal failure to adequately document the level of service both required and performed. Furthermore, many of these individuals are simply incompetent of understanding how to properly evaluate patients following a car wreck.

Individuals involved in MIST cases, must clearly understand that it will be very important that the documentation be identified in the record as to the extent and severity of injury. Individuals who wish to file claims to obtain lawsuit loans, settlement loans, legal settlement loans, and other forms of lawsuit funding are going to fall far short of their goals if they fail to follow a reasonable treatment pattern and obtain requisite diagnostic test.

Although insurance carriers typically will argue against medical necessity for MRI ("magnetic resonance imaging'), indisputably, MRI can be extremely helpful in evaluating the extent that soft tissue injury.

MRI would be beneficial in evaluating those things that don't involve bone and other forms of hard tissues. One form of this soft tissue is in fact the disc material that is often injured in auto accidents.

Naturally, insurance carriers are going to attempt to discourage individuals who are filing a claim following a motor vehicle collision from obtaining MRI. Why? Insurance carriers and defense attorneys don't like MRIs because they don't want documentation as to the extent and severity of injury. Unfortunately, there are many providers who simply don't understand the need to adequately document soft tissue injury. Many of those individuals fall far short of being able to manage their patient's cases thoroughly.

To prevail in obtaining settlement loans, lawsuit loans, legal settlement loans, and other forms of litigation funding following car accidents, it is vitally important to work closely with both a competent provider and competent attorney. Proper documentation of the extent and severity of injury will often be the difference between being able to obtain a lawsuit loan and failing in this endeavor.

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