Auto Accident Settlement: What You Need to Know

Auto accident settlements are payments that are made out to you after you have been involved in a car accident and found not to be liable. This is usually done by your insurance company, assuming of course that you are insured and paid up on all your premiums.

How much will I get?
The amount of payout that you will be given will depend on many factors including the amount of insurance you opted for, the type of coverage you chose and how much the monetary value of the damage is from the accident. Sometimes you may be found to be partially responsible or liable for the accident in which case the amount you receive may be lower, depending on how liable your are determined to be. Your insurance company will be able to tell you much more specific information on payment amount and liability specific to your case.

What should I do to get a maximum settlement?
There are certain things you can do to maximize your auto accident settlement. Obviously you can't change the circumstances in which the accident occurs, but you can take some simple steps to help your situation afterward.

First, straight after the accident, you should call the authorities and report the situation. By law, this is what you should do. Plus: police and ambulance staff will become witnesses that will provide evidence via police and medical reports, to help you get your maximum settlement.

After this, it can be a good idea to take photographs of the scene. Recording the original situation on film can make sure that evidence is not lost, disturbed or tampered with, which will be a benefit to your claim. Take pictures and videos of the scene from as many angles as possible.

Next, once you have been cleared by the authorities, if you need medical help head to the nearest medical center for aid. Gather up all the papers and documents that they give you and make sure you do not lose them. Documents like receipts, medical reports, bills for medication, prescriptions and even x-rays can all be used as evidence to help you gain compensation. Keep it all.

Also, try document, with pay slips or letters from your employer, any loss of income if the injury has stopped you from working. You may be eligible for "loss of income" cover as part of your settlement.

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