Essen, Germany and Its Hospitals

A small quaint town in West Germany, Essen has become a hot tourist attraction in the recent years. With lots to offer on the recreation front, like trade fairs, exhibitions, ancient churches and monuments, Essen is one spot that has risen in popularity meters over time. As a non resident visitor, your mind might be consumed with many issues. Among these issues may be the concern about the availability of proper medical facilities. Like all other cities in Germany, Essen is competent in the provision of world class medical services. With over 1300 beds in about eight hospitals, Essen's medical practitioners are not incompetent in any aspect.

While language remains an issue on, the hospitals never make this a reason for compromising with treatment. In fact, the German government believes that medical help should not be rendered on the basis of ability to speak any language. The hospital staff does not necessarily speak very fluent English, but they have connections with interpreters who assist in consultations and treatments. There are various agencies that can also help tourists approach hospitals with a clear understanding of the diagnosis and treatment processes.

Essen hospitals are clean with up to date facilities. New discoveries in the field of medical science have made Essen a name to be reckoned with in the medical world.

Medical services in Essen are billed in a manner different from American or other European nations' methods of billing. The German Government has a fixed rate for every separate kind of medical treatment. This rate is then added to according to the services rendered to the patient along with the fees for tests performed and food bills.

The hospitals in Essen have separate departments dedicated to different needs. For instance most hospitals have in house physicians, oncologists, neurologists and gynecologists. The doctors are very dedicated to their patients and can be consulted even on phone. The Essen hospitals offer unmatched quality that will assure you that you will not miss out on proper treatment while on a visit here.

The best known hospitals are the University hospital, St. Elizabeth hospital, St. Josef hospital and Marien hospital. All provide top class facilities and offer reimbursement of hospital costs incurred, on proof of insurance coverage even in the case of a non German visiting patient.

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