A Fun Fundraiser That Kids Love

Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraisers have certainly come of age. When Don Featherstone created the iconic lawn ornament some 50+ years ago, I am certain he had no idea that his creation would help so many people. There are many different ways to have a flocking fundraiser, but the end result is always the same: Raising money for your charitable cause.

This type of fundraiser is simple, fun and wildly successful. The Flockers select a Flockee, also known as the victim, and in the middle of the night the Flockers place a flock of flamingos on the victim's front lawn. The idea here is that the person who has been flocked donates a sum of money to have the flock removed, and hopefully is willing to pony up a bit more cash in order to have the flock then placed on a neighbor's, friend's, coworker's or relative's lawn next.

It's important to be well organized before beginning your fundraiser. Most groups or charities have their flocking fundraiser so well organized that they are able to raise all of the funds necessary to pay for their flock of pink flamingos well before their event begins. If just a few of the following tips are followed, we are confident that your fundraiser will be tremendously successful, wildly fun, and in the black, or in this case, in the "pink", monetarily before a single flock roosts on a lawn.

One of the best ways to keep your fundraiser organized is to have the required documents in place before your event begins, such as Flocking Work Orders, Ransom Notes and Flocking Insurance Certificates. Flocking Work Orders have all of the info necessary about the victim. Ransom Notes are placed on a victim's door at the same time of the flocking telling them they've been flocked, and that in order to have the flock removed from their lawn, a donation in the amount they choose to the particular charity indicated would be greatly appreciated. For those folks who prefer to skip a flocking altogether, there are Flocking Insurance Certificates for sale, which if purchased, allow you to escape being a flocking victim. There are several websites that offer these documents free of charge, all you need is a printer.

One of the best ways to start generating interest and cash donations before your event even begins is to create your own Facebook page and/or short YouTube video so that people can see what your charity is about, how it works and get excited about what you are doing and want to join in. One tech-savvy church that we spoke with had created two short videos and posted them online. By doing this, they were able to pre-sell 51 flamingo flockings, and a sizable number of insurance policies as well, before their event even began. If there are kids involved with the fundraiser, you can be sure they will have all of the computer knowledge necessary to create a Facebook Page or YouTube video to help your charity. If this isn't possible and your group is short on cash, there are some websites that offer to sell flamingos and accessories on credit, allowing you pay for them once your charity starts generating revenue.

Pink Flamingo Flockings are all the craze now, so stop talkin' and start flockin' for your favorite charity today.

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