Things You Need to Know About Shipping a Car Door to Door

Shipping a car door to door can be daunting considering the value of what you are shipping and the fact that we don't get to do this kind of task every day. Added to that is the fact that a lot of people have a misconception about the term "door to door". In this article let me endeavor to clear the misconceptions so kindly read on.

What are the things that you need to know?

Shipping a car door to door is the standard service that companies will give their customers unless they will ask for something else. This is usually done by an open carrier which tends to allow some exposure to the elements but if you want an extra protection you can always opt for a closed carrier.

1. First of all, door to door does not mean that the vehicle shipping company is required to deliver your car right outside your doorstep. The truck used for shipping your car is usually 75 meters long and very wide. This means that there are certain terrain that they are either not capable of going through or are actually prohibited from coming in like; steep hills, cul de sac and narrow roads, streets with hanging trees or power lines and streets in residential areas with weight restrictions. If your house is located in one these areas, there is no point in yelling at your vehicle shipping company if they cannot deliver your car right outside your door because they are only required by law to deliver it to as near as your house as safety will allow.

2. Any vehicle that can roll, steer, or brake can be transported, but if these requirements are not met, the vehicle shipping company may refuse to transport your car. If your car cannot run but still met some of these requirements, the company may still ship it for an extra fee because your car needs to be winched up the truck. You need to inform that company if you have an over sized SUV with large lift kits, motor homes and large cargo vans or car that is low on the ground because they need to know if they can safely ship your vehicle.

3. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage because you don't want to be paying for damages whenever on in incurred during the trip. An indicator of a good vehicle shipping company is when they don't hesitate to show you their insurance and license certificate when you ship a car. Make sure to remove all personal belongings and household goods from your car before shipping because they are usually not insured and don't forget to ask your own insurance company if your coverage includes vehicle shipping.

4. Bear in mind that the time of delivery as always estimates. When you ship a car, the vehicle shipping company will not give you a guaranteed delivery date even if they say it is. This business is dependent on how good the market is, how bad the traffic is, the route taken and if some other customers are on time in picking up their car. So to avoid needless frustrations, it's good to bear these things in mind.
These are thing that you need to know about door to door vehicle shipping.

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