Employment Opportunities for Nurses

Nurses are lucky. They are always needed and will never be without work. That is not the only reason why nursing profession is on the top, however. Nurses are also lucky because their profession is so diversified. When people think "nurse," they think "works in a hospital." While it is accurate that they are needed in the hospital setting, it is a misconception that hospitals are the only setting where these can find work. There are many different things you could do as a nurse, meaning that nurses are needed in all sorts of settings. Hospitals, schools and people's homes are all places in which nurses are needed for work. As nursing is a very hands on profession, many would assume that there's no way a nurse can work from home, but nurses are needed even from their own places of residence too! So the question is, how can nurses work from home? Besides taking care of their sick children, that is.

Telephone Triage

A nurse working from home might do telephone triage. Telephone triage is a telecommuting job in which nurses help to assess patients' health concerns over the phone, or they might just give general health advice to people who call in.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consultants work in law firms, insurance companies, and other private institutions, but many are independent contractors who can work at home. The job of these nursing professionals to give advice to attorneys, legal experts, and paralegals regarding medical issues of the law.

Writing for Websites

Many websites, such as about dot com, hire nurses or other experts (pharmacists, physicians, etc.) to write about medically-related topics. The starting salary is $675 per month. This may not seem like much, but for the busy mother who happens to have a nursing license, this might be an option for a little extra family income.


There are companies that provide support to insurance companies and health care systems. Nurses are needed experts for answering medically-related questions. Most of the professionals have the choice to do this kind of work at home.

Insurance Companies

There are many insurance companies that rely on case management nurses and care coordinator nurses for advice. These types of jobs can be preferred from the comfort of their homes by telecommuting.

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