Custom LSO - Orthopedic Back Brace - Finding A Professional Near You - Pain Reduction

Do you have a lower back problem?

Do you work in the medical field and you are looking for a brace for your patient?

1.) What is a Custom LSO?

The acronym "LSO" stands for a "lumbar sacral orthosis". Orthosis is a word that refers to external support or "brace". - Many off the shelf designs exist and there are custom made braces that can help provide support to someones lumbar or sacral spine.

In the end, many off the shelf braces may have merit, but there is no better brace than one that is custom made for you (or your patient). Usually, this involves the use of a casting and measuring visit at your local orthopedic brace shop. The cast and measurements can be taken in the standing position or laying down, but usually not in the seated position. After the cast is removed, the orthotist will use it to make a brace around the shape of the cast.

2.) Will My Insurance Cover The Cost of the Brace?

Depending on your insurance and the various programs that you may be part of within this company, your brace may be covered at 100%. This happens more than you might think actually. Yes, it is possible to get something for "free".

In other instances, if your insurance does not cover the entire cost of the custom LSO (in this example), then it will cover a large portion of the brace. This is very helpful and when you can use your insurance to help you pay for the custom LSO, this means that you will minimize your out of pocket expenses.

3.) Finding An O & P Provider Near You - General Example: Chicago & Its Surrounding Suburbs

No matter where you live, there is probably an internet connection near by. Obviously, the connection will be more readily available in some spots more than others. - Anyhow, all you have to do to find a quality brace provider in your area is to go to Google and start typing in some key information. For example, if you live in Chicago, then you can type in "custom LSO" and "Chicago", or the zip code by which you work or live. Therefore, you could probably type in "custom LSO" and "60611" and you would find a brace provider in this area. - If perhaps you live in the suburbs and want to find a brace, you could type in "custom LSO" and "Wood Dale" for example. - Remember, these are general examples and they can apply to you and your surrounding area.

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