Auto Injury: Can You Calculate The Suffering And The Pain?

If you suffer an auto injury and want to file for compensation, the insurance company asks for a written document. You should enclose all the claims against the person who caused the injuries and damages while filing for the compensation. Under such circumstances, the insurance adjuster is required to make up for your losses. But, can you calculate the pain and suffering that usually follows an auto injury?

This is exactly where you need the assistance of a good lawyer who is experienced in handling auto injury cases, so that you can get compensated sufficiently.

Generally, you are entitled to enjoy financial coverage for particular damages like wage loss, medical bills, and medicines. The other damages that can be covered are pain and suffering, loss of consortium, physiological injuries, and so on. This can be done by adding them all up and submitting your receipts. On the other hand, calculating the general damages, that includes pain and suffering, can be really very difficult.

Personal injury attorneys utilize the medical bills to calculate a proper compensation amount which can be claimed. Some lawyers multiply the medical bills by two, others by three or even four times. The insurance adjuster will battle you and try to convince you that it is not an apt method to calculate the suffering and pain. Since, there are no fixed laws to elucidate the method of formulation of the value of the injury - only an experienced legal counsel can do the right calculation on your behalf.

You will not arrive at an accurate number just by multiplying the medical bills. Maybe, you had an injury which reflects in your medical bills, but the pain and suffering would be worth much more than three or even four times that value. The expenses for physical treatments may not be too much, but, the psychological damage of growing up with such an injury could be worth much more.

Facing the legal complications of a personal injury claim is an overwhelming task. Your legal aid works closely to give you a proper representation that may be required. They work diligently on your behalf, and do not settle down for the first offer made by the insurance company. They aggressively pursue the maximum available benefit, while guiding you in every stage of the case.

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