Free Diabetic Test Strips - Non Cost Diabetic Supplies

In standard kits used for diabetic testing supplies, the kit also provides diabetic test strips. Glucose testing is an indispensable part of routine diabetes care. Some brands of diabetic testing supplies, such as a glucose meter, the retail price of the strips used for testing blood sugar can run on average up to $50.00 for a case of 50 strips.

Despite the fact, this adds up to a considerable amount of money quickly. The problem is that some people must perform numerous blood glucose checks daily. This article offers some information to help people acquire supplies, including low cost to free test strips.

Local Medical Supply Distributors

First, the best place to start is local medical supply distributors. Several medical supply companies specialize in supplies for diabetes management supplies including blood sugar and ketone testing strips. Most of these companies work with health insurance companies including Medicare and private medical insurance. Many companies have a working relationship with most health insurance companies. Customer service will contact the health insurance related to the patient in order to determine eligibility.

Medical supply companies will usually ask individuals to complete a patient information sheet and then submit the application via the Internet, fax, or mail. If approved for blood sugar testing strips, the patient may receive a waiver or reduction of the cost of diabetic testing supplies. The best advantage of all is that several medical supply companies will bring the diabetic test strips to the patient's front door.

Diabetic Testing Supplies Online Drug Stores

A second option is online drug stores, and this initiative is cost-effective. Online drugstores do not confront the same overhead expenses that local drugstores encounter on a regular basis. Therefore, they are often able to offer the supplies needed to monitor diabetes at discounted rates or under certain conditions free of charge.

For example, instead of paying $50.00 for glucose testing strips, a patient may only pay $20 for a set of 50 test strips. If a patient requires 2 or more boxes, this adds savings close to $500.00 annually. Overtime, this adds tremendous value in relation to the services provided by online drug stores.

Diabetes Forums and Networks

Additionally, there are forums that cater to people with diabetes, and these networks are excellent resources for education and support. After a basic registration process, a person can ask questions about, for example, the aforementioned strips and affordable strategies to sustain wellness.

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