Where To Go During Medical Emergencies in St Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian empire up to 1918 and continues to be politically influential due to the number of consulates located within the city. Saint Petersburg is also a major economic destination due to its strategic placement as a port on the Baltic Sea and the number of businesses and banks that operate within the city. Saint Petersburg has many excellent hospitals which offer service of English speaking staff and have association with major health insurance companies. The following is a description of two of the most famous hospitals in Saint Petersburg.

American Medical Clinic and Hospital situated at 78 Moika Embankment St. Petersburg 190000 is a leading hospital in St. Petersburg. Originally established as a private medical facility by US citizens, it has been taken over by "Adamant" Holding, one of the largest business groups in Russia. This world-class hospital is very popular among foreign businessmen, especially those associated with companies such as General Motors, Toyota and Ernst and Young. The hospital has over 150 eminent physicians, who offer excellent medical care in over 39 clinical specialties. There are separate dental and cosmetology units in the hospital. The cosmetology unit includes an aesthetic surgery wing: "American Beauty Center".

AMC has a modern surgery center with two operating rooms and provides out-patient surgeries in general surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology and trauma. Various surgeries are also conducted in orthopedics, surgeries of benign hyperplasia of prostate gland, and all types of elective and emergency general surgeries including hernia repair. The ICU of AMC features four isolated wards and is equipped with modern facilities. Its round the clock emergency care department, known as 'Medcare 24', is equipped with special emergency vehicles prepared to transport patients or to offer medical care at the patient's home. The diagnostic center has all the latest facilities for conducting various types of procedures in fluoroscopy, dopplerography, echocardiography, BP Holter monitoring, lungs function test and diagnostic laparoscopy. AMC also has a modern laboratory, pharmacy and 24-hour trauma center. Luxurious accommodations are provided as well. Tel: + 7 812 740 2090

The address for MEDEM International Clinic and Hospital is Marata str. 6, Saint Petersburg. This is another excellent hospital that offers high quality health care service at part with international standards. This multidisciplinary hospital has been offering quality medical service for more than 10 years.The hospital has 33 departments and is licensed for medical service in over 100 specialties. MEDEM International Clinic and Hospital is especially well known for its cutting-edge technology and thus attracts a large number of expatriates and tourists. MEDEM hospital has a surgical centre that offers service in anesthesiology and intensive care, general surgery for children and adults, gynecological surgery, ENT surgery and urological surgery. The diagnostics center at this hospital has units in radiology, diagnostic endoscopy and MRI. The hospital also has a pharmacy, laboratory and 24-hour emergency department equipped with all latest amenities. Comfortable accommodation is provided in a pleasant and relaxed environment and the hospital has special language assistance for its international patients. Various additional services are also available. Phone: +7 (812) 336-3333

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