The Many Faces of Nursing Careers

There are different nurse careers out there and the health care giving field isn't merely confined in hospitals or nursing homes.

To know more about the different kinds of nursing careers, read through this article.

The traveling nurse. This type of nurse is free to choose her own work and place of assignment. On occasions when a hospital's caseload is higher than normal or when there are just a lot more patients, they often contract with traveling nurses. The pay of a traveling nurse is more than what a registered nurse may receive however as she is not employed by a provider or institution, she may not have the same benefits an RN enjoys i.e. vacation or sick time.

The home health nurse. This nurse career encompasses caring for home bound patients as the term home health connotes. Checking with patients thrice a week, supervising and administering medication and patient progress as well as consulting and reporting to a physician are part of a home health nurse's duties.

The hospice nurse. People who choose this nursing career combine dedication and the skill to ease their patients' suffering with professional objectivity. Giving patients life-time care is not unusual for a hospice nurse. Patients in hospices are almost always those who are not expected to live much longer as they are the ones often suffering terminal illnesses. Aside from caring for her patients thrice a week, a hospice nurse also takes on the responsibility of giving as much comfort and emotional support as she can to the patients' family members.

Nursing careers that aim to uphold the high standards of the profession can also be found in various associations and accreditation agencies. There are nurses who play important roles in jurisdictional boards who review nurse licensure applications. They help draft the regulations for credential maintenance that certified nurses need to meet. Whenever needed, they participate in the arbitration of other nurses who have grievances filed against them.

A nurse may also find her nursing career has led her to work in an insurance company. Here, her job is to review claims filed by patients, tests done by doctors or physician prescribed treatments. The main job of this nurse is to verify that the doctor's prescribed treatment is included in the policy's terms for it to be covered in part or in full by the insurance company. An insurance agency nurse makes sure that doctors follow all procedures as stated by the policy for any related costs to be covered by insurance.

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