Proving Liability Quickly Will Help You In Your Road Accident Claim Case

The pace of life is so hectic in these times is that accidents are becoming very common at home, at the work place and the most common place of all - the roads. Increasing traffic and scant respect for rules combine dangerously and lead to many mishaps. If you are one of the victims and know it is not your fault, then you have the right to go for road accident claim compensation.

It is very likely that in a car to car accident, your own vehicle would suffer some damage that you can claim from your insurance company. However, if you get affected as a pedestrian or as a bike rider, then you have to take recourse to making a compensation claim to ensure that medical expenses for any injury suffered as well as leave of absence earnings are suitably reimbursed to you. Fortunately, there are separate procedures clearly laid out for claiming compensation in each of the above cases.

Generally, whiplash injuries constitute the bulk of road accident claims as there is greater probability of heavy bruising and damage to bones, not to mention the severe psychological impact that such accidents leave in their wake. When established that it was the opposite party responsible for the mishap, the insurance company providing cover to that party will determine the extent of compensation to you.

One important step in the whole process is how quickly and effectively you can prove liability. In the event, the other person speeds off without bothering to even stop, it straightaway becomes a criminal offence and that is a separate ballgame altogether. However, when the person stops and you are able to exchange information on insurance as well as establish that it was an error on his or her part or it was a case of driving under the influence of alcohol, you would have paved the way for a quick and smooth settlement of the claim. You would be able to establish a strong position for yourself if you can call the police and prove the opposite driver's culpability at the site. Do not forget to ask for medical attention immediately and ensure that the doctor gives his report on the injuries you have suffered. That is evidence as well.

It is your duty to however collect as much evidence as you can at the site of the accident so that you can make your case watertight. Take contact details of the driver, the license number as well as the registration details, contact numbers of any witnesses, note down the exact time, place as well as the weather conditions prevailing at that time. If you can take photographs of your wounds, damages to the car or bike and the scene of the incident, it would be very useful and your solicitor would be able to represent your case more forcefully.

You can get your road accident claim settled smoothly if you have gathered the right evidence and fulfilled claim procedures laid down by the insurance company.

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