Who Is Actually Producing the Emu Oil You Buy?

Emu oil has proven to be an effective, all natural remedy for so many ailments that sales are increasing very fast and it is being brought to market in many different ways, and, as fast as possible. When sales of anything increase as fast as emu oil (EMUO) has (starting in 2007), production is going to be streamlined and sped up. This of course will have a negative effect on quality every time.

When You Purchase Emu Oil ALWAYS ASK Where They Get It.........

When you purchase emu oil ALWAYS ASK where they get it! Websites can be deceiving. Just because a website looks "elegant" and really professional does not mean they actually produce the product they sell, and that the quality is there. In truth, most companies that sell EMUO don't actually produce it themselves. They buy product (emu fat) from someone else and have it refined. They may buy EMUO that is already refined and have it re-refined (if it is old or discolored, etc).

Unless a company actually produces the emu oil they are selling, it is impossible to be sure of the quality. The oil can be "lab tested" for everything known to man, but there are still things about the eighteen month production process that can be questionable. Yes, it takes eighteen months to get an emu raised for processing and there are many variables about that process.

Does The Company You Purchase From Actually Have Emus?

Does the company you purchase your emu oil from actually have emus? How many do they have? This will indicate how much they sell. A company that produces 250 emus or more per year is large enough to be serious. Quite a few companies don't do it for the business, its just a hobby. In comparison, cattle ranching can be a hobby that produces a small income and the product will still be high quality because the industry has been in place long enough to allow for that.

In contrast, the emu business is fairly new and one product can vary quite a bit from another. Because there are lots of small producers in the emu business, it is a common practice to mix emu oil.

It Is A Common Practice To Mix Emu Oil............

One of the reasons EMUO is mixed from different sources is because three or four producers may need emu oil refined or re-refined, but they don't have enough for the minimum required to do a refining run. Different refineries are set up requiring different amounts and in order to run the equipment, it becomes necessary to mix the product from several different sources.

Either way, a lot of EMUO gets mixed since it's from different sources and this compromises the quality. EMUO that meets EMUO standards can be miles apart in quality because the standards aren't very stringent. The standards DO insure safe EMUO, they're just not very stringent.

When EMUO from multiple sources is mixed, it is not possible to insure proper feed was used, it is not possible to insure medications weren't used, it isn't possible to insure pastures weren't sprayed with insecticide, etc. There are too many variables that develop when EMUO from different sources is mixed and it isn't possible to have total confidence in the end product.

Always buy your emu oil from a company that owns emu birds and produces the EMUO themselves. Then you can ask the questions about feed, pastures, medications, hormones,insecticides, etc. Then you can be sure your EMUO is of high quality.

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